Food Production Services

VGS is a Full-Service Food Provider.

VGS Food Service operates under the Ohio State Board of Health and Agriculture, adheres to the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP); and is a member of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), the Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) funded by the Ohio Department of Education, and the School Nutrition Association (SNA).


VGS’ Ability to Deliver:

Since 2003, VGS has provided food service solutions to address the unique needs of each of our customers every day. Utilizing the skills of individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment, VGS provides healthy, nutritious meals with fresh produce and ingredients to adult day centers and schools throughout Northeast Ohio.

VGS Guarantees:
* Excellent food quality, taste, and freshness
* Meals that meet USDA requirements for nutrition and portion size
* On-time delivery

VGS is Changing Lives and Strengthening our Community

VGS’ Food Packaging and Processing Training Program provides “learning while earning” paid work opportunities to individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities and other barriers to employment. Individuals are trained in all aspects of food safety and production while preparing and packaging over 3,000 meals daily for children in schools and
adults in day care centers.

For more information, contact foodservices@vgsjob.org.