Employment Services

Vocational Guidance Services provides a variety of employment services to support all your staffing needs and eliminate the need for probationary hires. No fee is required to hire our employees and we do not require a specific waiting period to make our employees permanent members of your team. You can even choose to keep our employees as temporary workers indefinitely, saving you the cost and trouble of managing payroll.

Saving your company money and time are not the only benefits of using Vocational Guidance Services for your staffing needs. As part of the package we take care of Workers Compensation, FICA and Unemployment Compensation and also handle all DOL and NLRB matters for all of our employees. Paychecks are delivered directly to your site. Drug testing and background checks are also available.

Employment Services are available throughout the state of Ohio.

For more information, contact Steve Smith at sales@vgsjob.org.