VGS provides a wide array of vocational rehabilitation programs which, based on each person’s individual needs, are designed to help him or her obtain and maintain employment
in today’s job market.

Work Evaluation Services help participants explore options, identify immediate and long-term vocational goals, and determine the steps necessary to achieve those goals.

Work Adjustment is an employment preparation program in which participants learn critical
job- keeping skills and behaviors, such as attendance, punctuality, work quality, productivity, and interpersonal interaction while working and earning a paycheck at agency or employer partner work sites.

Skills Training provides participants with the industry-based skills needed for a variety of jobs. These services offer a combination of classroom training and on-the-job practicum. Many offer third-party industry-based certifications.

Specialized Program Services help to enhance vocational readiness through specialized services tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

Job Placement Services are designed to help individuals with barriers to employment learn effective techniques for seeking, securing, and maintaining employment.

Social Enterprise Services provide paid work experience, training, and employment opportunities through partnerships VGS has developed with public and private sector companies.

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