Vocational Guidance Services (VGS) Changes Lives and Strengthens Our Communities through services that educate, empower, and provide the opportunity
to earn a paycheck!

VGS is a highly acclaimed, successful, private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) vocational rehabilitation agency with over 125 years of dedicated experience serving persons with disabilities
or other barriers to employment.
Our mission is: Preparing People with Barriers to Employment for a Brighter Future.

Every year, VGS provides a comprehensive range of vocational rehabilitation services as well as paid work opportunities to nearly 4,000 individuals with physical disabilities, mental disabilities, a history of incarceration, or other barriers to employment.
All VGS services are provided at no cost to the individual.

Our services reflect a person-centered approach that is responsive to the needs, desires,
and expectations of those served

VGS measures each person’s strengths and helps them discover the competencies they need in order to accomplish their employment goals.  This process includes: Work Evaluation; Work Adjustment; Skills Training; Specialized Services; and Job Placement, Retention and Coaching.

Individuals from all avenues of life are referred to VGS to obtain services that will enhance their existing abilities, help them to develop new skills, and set achievable goals on the path to their brighter futures.  One way  this is accomplished is through VGS’ “earning while learning” work opportunities; every week these opportunities enable 1,000 individuals to overcome their barriers to employment and earn a paycheck.

VGS was one of the first organizations to receive accreditation by CARF International, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.  VGS recently received its 17th consecutive accreditation which extends to August 2018.
VGS is also registered as a Proprietary School in the State of Ohio (State Board Proprietary School Registration Certification # 79-10-0671T).


Request a tour of VGS: tour@vgsjob.org

Request more information about VGS: info@vgsjob.org or
call 216.431.7800 (TTY: 216.431.0073)